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Monday, May 2, 2011

Respect Our History

  This is a short post with just some observations I gained while at a C.E. conference this weekend.  It was great, by the way. One of the universities in our state has a twice yearly continueing education seminar that gives us all of our required C.E. for the year. Anyway, as I looked around the room there were approximately 200 people there. They ranged from pharmacists to pharmacy students to technicians and they represented all types of practice areas. I saw people there from their mid-twenties clear up to pharmacists in their nineties and I realised that this was a picture of our profession. We have bright new minds and we have long standing experience. Personally, I have to admire any pharmacist who hasn't practiced in 30 years but still attends continuing education seminars and is still active in the profession in other capacities.
  One thing that bothered me was that, as I sat there waiting for the program to begin, I overheard some young people behind me ridiculing and making fun of an elderly pharmacist who looked to be in her 80's or 90's.  Of course, they weren't doing it to her face, but to me it was pure disrespect. That woman represented at least 60 years of history and experience in our profession. I can't even imagine the hurdles she had to overcome as a woman trying to make it in a  man's world when she was younger. I wish I would have had the time to sit and talk with her; possibly glean some wisdom. I mean can you imagine the changes she has seen in this profession in her lifetime?! I know that in the 23 years that I have practiced there have been enormous changes. Some good, some not so good, but massive none the less.
  I want to say to those young people that time flies when you're in this game. Soon there will be new grads looking at you like you're their grandparents. Respect your elders in this profession because if it weren't for them and their hard work, you wouldn't be making the big bucks right now. Learn what you can from them as long as they are around. If nothing else, grow up!