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Friday, May 4, 2012

Masked Man

One of the comments on my "Shingles" post asked the question, "Why don't more people wear masks like the sensible people in Japan?" (paraphrased). That made me giggle because my husband wears a mask 24/7. No kidding! He has very bad allergies and cannot take allergy meds. He uses his voice for a living and the meds mess with the quality of his voice. The funny thing is, when he goes out in public he is treated either like a criminal or a leper. Why is that? Even his doctors, who should understand, act like he's trying to hide something. Why is our society so hesitant to accept this? He has been accused of the strangest things! He has learned not to walk into banks or even pharmacies because they think he's there to rob the place! Even pharmacies, where we should be used to seeing sick people wearing masks!!! What's up with that!!! I feel really bad for him. He had a man in a wheelchair challenge him on why he was wearing the mask. He challenged right  back as to why the man was in the wheelchair. It shut him up. And it was a challenge not mere curiosity. Children are curios and that's o.k. Anyway, ask yourself, would you be ok with a society where everyone wore a mask?