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Saturday, December 11, 2010

T'is The Season!

  Ah! Christmastime in retail! The most wonderful time of the year. I know alot of my colleagues who hate this season. They've been jaded by years of seeing Christmas "stuff" on sale since October, have had it in their "back rooms" since July, and have been inundated by Christmas music on the in-store broadcasting system since the day after Halloween. I used to be like that. In fact, I spent years not "doing Christmas" at my house because of it. I don't have children so I could get away with it and Santa wouldn't put me on the bad list. But then I made a decision. I decided that I would not allow corporate, retail America to spoil my celebration of this most wonderful season! This season (not just one day)  is a celebration of the birth of Christ! Our God loved us so much (and still does) that He sent His Son to us! Christ loved us so much (and still does) that He stripped Himself of all the glory, riches and honor of life with the Father to come into this world! He started life on Earth as we all  do and from that lowly position He became hope for this world! What's not to celebrate! So I do "do Christmas" at my house now. I put up the biggest tree I can find and I load every branch with as many lights and ornaments that I can find! Each ornament I place in praise of a most generous and loving God. Each gift I give is a mere representation of the Gift I was given! I sing along to our in-store broadcasting system because even secular songs are joyous because they celebrate this season!
  So, to all you Scrooges out there, make your own decision. Don't allow corporate America to steal the joy from this season. We live in a wonderful country that has turned Christmas into a money-making season, but at least we can celebrate the birth of Christ without threat of imprisonment or death. There are many, many countries around the world where Christians have to celebrate in hiding. We live in one of the greatest countries on Earth, where we can celebrate openly and where our freedom of speech allows us to write blogs such as this. I am truly grateful to my God for what He has given to me. That is why I now celebrate, fully, totally and completely at my house!
  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. May God bless you and keep you. May His face shine upon you! Merry Christmas!

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