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Monday, October 11, 2010

Bringing a Knife to a Gunfight

So, I have to pass this on to my colleagues. My pharmacy was robbed today at "note-point". That's right, I got the standard note handed to me. It was  full of misspelled words and grade-school grammar. It went something like this: Give me all your Opana 40's. If you don't I'll be shooting you... That's all the further I needed to go. I saw what he wanted and the threat made. It was, however, a funny thing that the note said he would be "shooting" me, but the dude didn't have a gun. He had a knife. It was a rather large knife, but still how does one "shooting" anything  with a knife? Obviously, he had not attended the Pharmacy Robbery 101 class that is given by the local crack cooker. And Opana? Really? I asked if that was all he wanted and he said yes. No other drugs, no other strength and no cash. Weird. I gave him what he wanted and had my tech call 911 while I waited on the next customer. The show must go on, right?
Seriously, it was a bad, scary experience. If it's never happened to you then thank God everyday. My advise to all those who have not had this experience is to be prepared. Rehearse what you would do and how you would act before it happens.  Think like a hopped-up on crack, desperate criminal to think of things that could happen.  And I know you all  know this but it can't be said enough: Don't be a hero! For the most part, these drugs do not belong to you so who cares if they are stolen. If you own your own store, then the insurance will cover your loss. I would rather file a claim for inventory loss than have my spouse file a claim on my life insurance.  Also, if your company offers counseling, don't be too proud to accept it. We often have to put up a brave face in front of our fellow workers so a counselor can give you an opportunity to vent. I love my job and I don't want to be frightened every time I have to work. Post-traumatic stress can be mild to severe even if no one was injured. Its your perception of danger that causes the stress no one else's. More than ever before we are on the front-lines of the illegal drug trade. If some one's doctor decides to cut-off their drug supply for whatever reason these people can and will become desperate. Desperate economic times will tip the balance of those on the edge of the illegal drug trade. They may try stuff that normally would be off limits to them. Anything is possible. So stay safe. I'm going to take a bubble bath!

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