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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Vacation! Nine whole days of it! What is it about vacation that we love so much? Even if we love our jobs vacation is sweet relief. I rarely go anywhere on my vacation, I'm what you would call a "home-body", but the simple truth is I just like my house and I don't get to spend much time in it. Vacation just gives us that school's-out-for-the-summer kind of feeling. Its freedom! Its knowing that I can sleep-in tomorrow. Its knowing that I can sit on my back porch with a good cup of coffee, my dog and a book (my Kindle actually) and savour the moment. Just being able to linger there without constantly checking my watch to see if its time to get ready for work. Vacation for me is not having to put my make-up on or to spend twenty minutes just trying to decide what to wear.Vacation is freedom from all those things that being on a schedule and being in the public eye demands of us. A big thing for me is freedom from the telephone. Over the years I have grown to hate the telephone. When it rings at our house my husband knows that he better answer it because I sure won't! Its an intrusion into my private world as far as I'm concerned. My phone is for my convenience not someone else's. Anyway, my phone philosophy could be an entire blog post all by itself. Vacation is peace and quiet. (Am I the only one who's noticed how noisy a pharmacy can be?) No phones ringing, no computer printers printing, no drive-thru bell ringing, no screaming kids crying, no in-store music playing and no robot running! All of that has been replaced by birds chirping, crickets singing and tree frogs croaking. This is a day that the Lord has made! I will rejoice and be glad He did!

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