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Friday, September 3, 2010

First Timer

Hi! This is definitely a first for me. I have never even visited a blog let alone thought about publishing one. I know I'll make lots of blunders along the way, but I also know that some of the things I have to say are important. Of course, as with any blog it is entirely my opinion and I want to hear your feedback/comments. After 20 years I can still say that I love my job. For those of us who do this every day that is alot to say. Some may say I'm crazy or in denial, but I really do. My mission will be to encourage you to love your job as well or at least no hate it so much. I also want to be a source of wisdom for the next generation. Does that sound errogant? Any of you that have been doing this as long as I have know that we have wisdom to share. If we haven't learned something by now then there's a problem bigger than hating the job! I want to try to keep this blog upbeat. There are too many blogs out there from angry, disillusioned pharmacists that, quite frankly, make us all look bad. If I were a patient reading those blogs I would never trust another pharmacist as long as I live. I would think all pharmacists were angry, resentful, people-haters who would do nothing but laugh at me for my ignorance of their world and my need for medication. Yes, laughter keeps us sane at times but when it turns mean, we have turned mean. I don't want to be mean in this blog. Do we have an understanding? We can voice our concerns and frustrations without trashing the people we are supposed to be serving. Anyway, I want to keep this light-hearted and positive. That is my main goal. Let's enjoy this, shall we!

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