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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Still In Love After All These Years

I know to some of you it will be a shocking statement to say that I love my job. Yes, retail pharmacy has been my gig for 22 years and I still love it. But more and more I am seeing so many young pharmacists who are thousands of dollars in debt for their education and they hate their jobs. What a sad, depressing and hopeless position to be in! I'm hoping that those of you who fall into that category will be encouraged by what I say in this blog.
Stop and think (all of you) about why you decided to go to pharmacy school. I'll give you a minute.....ok, what did you come up with? I do not want to hear any of that mealy-mouthed "I wanted to help people" crap either! That's a given, we all want to help people. At least I hope; in the beginning. I need you to go deeper than that. Why pharmacy and not medicine, nursing, physical therapy, or any of the other healthcare related professions? Why this one? At some point something about this job was appealing to you. Figure out what that was.
If after all that soul searching all you came up with was that your local pharmacist drove a nice car and lived in a nice house you are in the wrong profession! Let me tell you, if you hate your job then no amount of money will make you feel better because you will have to spend eight hours of your day doing something you absolutely do not want to be doing just to make that money. Eventually, you will hate the very thought of going to work and you will resent your family for making you feel obligated to go because, hey, little Jimmy needs braces and little Sarah just has to have dance lessons or she "will just die!". Ladies you will resent the time away from your kids and guys you will resent your wives for spending all the money you grudgingly earned, etc. You have to love your job enough to walk out that door every day not knowing what the day will bring. So, if you don't love it at least try to get to the point of liking it and maybe, just maybe, the romance will blossom. Open yourself to the possibilities!!!

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