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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Complain or Not to Complain, That Is The Question

  We derive a certain pleasure out of complaining. Come on, admit it. Complaining brings humor and relief in times of stress. I do my own share, believe me! The question is, are we making it a habit? That is the big, big difference! If everything that comes out of your mouth is a complaint in some form or another then you have made it a habit.  Habits have a way of turning into life-styles. Is your working life-style one of negativity?  Does it just seem like a black cloud descends over you the minute you get to work?  Listen to others that you work with. Have they also formed a habit of complaining?  I tell you, its contagious!  It will spread through a pharmacy quicker than the common cold, and it will be more deadly to the over-all attitude and service level than any cancer I've seen.  I've been there, and I've personally been the one to start the epidemic!  I'm not proud of it, but now that I know its a problem I recognize the early warning signs and stop it in its tracks.  If I say something negative and one of my techs responds with something else negative, a red flag goes up for me that says, "stop this now!".  My pharmacy is usually pretty up-beat  even on our busiest days.  Often when we have fill-in pharmacists they will comment on the difference in our store. They can't always put their finger on it, but its something that makes them enjoy their day and want to come back.  I know it definitely allows me to go home feeling less like I've been "beat up" than if I've done nothing but complain all day.
   What we tend to not realise is that by complaining all we are doing is rehearsing the problem over and over. And each time we become more and more irritated by it.What most of us also don't realise is that by complaining we have victimized ourselves.  A victim is some one who is not in control of their lives.  Their situation and the actions of others is controlling them.  Don't be a victim in your own pharmacy!  Refuse to be a member of the "bitch and whine club". You'll be surprised that after awhile the attitude of the pharmacy will change.  There will always be those few who refuse to change because they enjoy being a victim. Don't be one of them!!!

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