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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Enough of The Introspection...For Now

  So where do we go from here? When I talk about loving being a pharmacist I am truely talking about loving your chosen profession not necessarily your employer. I know that the vast majority of us work of retail chains these days. I have worked for 3 major chains since starting in this business. We have to learn to differentiate between our profession and our employer.  That is very important in maintaining our professionalism. I am a pharmacist 24 hours a day but I only work for my employer 8 of those hours (I know some of you still do 12 hour days). No matter who we work for we are responsible for maintaining our professionalism. We represent ourselves first then our employer. We can't fall into the trap of allowing our company to dictate what to do and how to act. We are not helpless little lambs here! We are professionals and should act like it! We can make our own decisions! We all know how the law works, right? State law can narrow or make more strict federal law. What I'm talking about is the same principle. Let your company give you general guidelines but set your own standards. If your standards are more strict than your company's then so be it, but don't allow your standards to be lower. At the end of the day you have to answer to the state board, to your conscience and to God. Your employer will throw you under the bus with any one of these.
  We need to remember the definition of profession. According to Webster's Dictionary it is as follows:

       Profession--an occupation that requires extensive education or specialized training

That's us, we have had extensive and specialized education and training. Bottom line, that means we are smart enough to think for ourselves. There are plenty of things each day that irritate, annoy, harrass and disturb us but we are in control of the situation. No one else. We set the tone of the pharmacy. In my experience even the rudest technician will change if they see that the pharmacist will not allow this behavior. Be a leader in your pharmacy. Even if you're not the department manager you can be a leader in attitude and comportment. Please, don't be sheep herded along each day waiting for the axe to fall. Be a leader. Be an influencer. Your environment will change.
  I think that's all for now. Think about these things, have a great day, and love what you do!

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