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Friday, September 10, 2010

Have You Reached Your Pinnacle?

  That's the next question I want to address. Have you, as a pharmacist, reached the pinnacle of your career? Is there no goal in which to strive for any longer? Pharmacy school was a huge goal for most of us. We learned to set our standards high. We were in tough, competitive surroundings that challenged us every day. Then real life hit us in the face. We actually became pharmacists. Now what? It can be a real let down to achieve the pinnacle so early in life. The majority of us don't want to become "upper management" because we still want to practice "real pharmacy". Without even realizing it we become lost. We were so used to striving for a goal and now there is no goal other than the next paycheck. Work becomes mundane at best and then add to that the pressure to perform that both our employers and the patients put upon us. We start to hate our jobs. Ugh another work day!!
  So where did the hatred begin? Lack of a goal. Pharmacists for the most part are very goal-oriented, but our "goal-setter" gets stuck on "high" during those 6 years in school. We just can't be satisfied with anything other than the highest goals. Well my friends, learn to unstick your goal-setter. Learn to set small, daily goals and be content with them. I actually spent a year one-time just trying to make a particular patient smile and acknowledge me. He would always come to the pharmacy, pick-up his Rx and leave without saying a word or making eye-contact. By the end of that year he was not only smiling and making eye-contact but he was joking with us as well. That was some goal to achieve! Setting goals that positively affect other people's lives is much more rewarding than selfish personal goals. After all, we did get into this profession "to help people", right? (That's a joke, kind of, see my earlier post titled "Still in Love After All These Years")
  What I'm talking about is not lowering your expectations , its changing your focus. Are you focusing your goals only on what you can attain for yourself or are your goals focused on what you can bring to the lives of others? We often complain about rude people being selfish (which is true) but if your goals are only focused on yourself aren't you just as guilty? Isn't your own selfish attitude going to affect your quality of care for your patients? We may need to change our focus from what we receive to what we can give. Giving with no thought to "return on investment" is a form of love. Do you bring love to your workplace? Think about it and have a great day!!

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